Frank Mercer and Cheryl Miller are the main characters, but many other people, including a few other couples, join them as five different story lines intertwine and ultimately collide in an astounding ending.

Name: Franklin Alan Mercer      Nickname: Frank
Looks like actor: Ryan Guzman
Age: 27 DOB: Feb. 21, 1989 Sign: Pisces
Family: Parents (Pauline and Bill) live in Bay City, MI
Birth Order: Oldest of 2 – sister Robbie 2 years younger
Story Role: hero Archetype: Warrior (Some jock, military, police)
Physical: strongly built, resourceful, quick in crisis
Eyes: blue Hair: light brown
Height: 6’ Weight: 200 Build: solid, athletic, broad chest, great smile
Occupation: student, staff at NYPD Cadet Corp, police detective wannabe
Politics: republican, liberal Religion: agnostic
Hobbies/Activities: triathalons (Cambridge)
Flaws: a bit naïve, a little insecure (about looks)
Formative Background: raised, public schools, Bay City, MI
Romantic background: a few girl friends, wife Ann, Cheryl
Friends: roommates and police colleagues in NYC
Enemies: stupid people and needless rules
Conflict/Controversy: did some things in Army not proud of (see Secret Demon)
Greatest Fear: losing Cheryl, appearing weak
Core needs (C V S L/C G C): Love/Connection, Variety, Contribution
How does he deal with those needs: focus on work
Coping Mechanisms / Problem Solving Style: research, online and in person
Critical Flaw: gives without reservation? needs to be right, needs answers/explanations
Secret Talent: treats woman with great respect, rises to the need
Secret Demon: stole supplies and gave them to Afghans
His/Her Personal Kryptonite: that empty feeling upon loss of a loved one

Name: Cheryl Miller   Nickname: Cheryl
Looks like actress: Alyson Stoner
Age: ~24     DOB: 1993
Physical: very attractive, but not VS model
Eyes: blue    Hair: light brown, auburn, streaked
Height: 5’8”      Weight: 120
Occupation: unknown
Politics: unknown             Religion: unconsidered
Hobbies/Activities: unknown
Flaws: a lot naïve
Greatest Fear: not finding her place in the world
Core needs: unknown
How does he/she deal with those needs: ???
Coping Mechanisms / Problem Solving Style: ???


CHARACTER LIST:          *Main Characters (MC’s)
*Frank Mercer, 27-28
*Cheryl Miller, about 24
Cindy, Cheryl’s “sister”
Ann, Frank’s wife in military (no kids)
Saul Dostum, Afghan translator
Matt Aston, Army buddy, driver in Afghan
Jeremy, Frank’s friend from college
Robbie, Frank’s sister (married, kids)
Male Hoods on the street, 2 trios
Frank’s parents – Paulina and Ed, Ed died when Frank 14
Bill, “Dad”, Frank’s step-dad
Uncle Josh, Frank’s mother’s brother
Murphy, Frank’s cousin, Manhattan Club
Marcia, Murph’s wife
Manuel, Manager at Manhattan Club
French mother, toddler, Montreal train station
Purse snatcher, Montreal train station
Chinese couple with kids in Newport
Cottage owner in Jamestown
Isaac, shop owner on first floor in Frank’s apartment building

Edith, housing desk at Police Cadet Training Facility
*Ron Thakur, roommate in Manhattan, smaller, 18, good looking
Kevin and John, 2nd and 3rd roommates in Manhattan
*Tony Capaldi, Scottish Italian, colleague at Police Cadet Training Facility
Sharon, an instructor or staff at PCTF
Jessica, computer geek at PCTF

*Dr. Brian Palmer, Lab Director
*Harvey deCamp, New York University President
*Collin Dobrowski, Handler/Muscle
*Mary Collier, Lab Leader, former head nurse
Beth, Lab Tech – fetching redhead
Jason, Lab Rat – athletic, refined black guy
Constance, maid in Palmer’s hot tub

*Paul Bradley – Deputy Secretary, Homeland Security, HQ SW WDC
*Steve Stoner – Deputy Director, FBI, HQ, Penn Ave, WDC
*Singh “Sam” Advani – Deputy Director, CIA, Langley
Car Drivers for Deputies – three
*Milt Gallagher – CIA Operative
*Christine Johns-Mosher – CIA Operative
Thomas, Milt’s co-worker at Langley
Michael Campbell, AZ real estate tycoon
Susan Tetreu, drop chick in Vancouver
Male at drop, never ID’d
Leon Bauman, Milt’s mentor at CIA HQ
Michelle Something-or-Other, debriefing specialist at CIA HQ

*Munif Ismat, 23, male, college dropout
*Sanharib al-Atassi, 21, Munif’s sidekick, student in university
Riad Mshaweh, 27, ISIS contact, wife, 2 kids
Jamal al-Arsuzi, ~27, Riad’s companion and driver
Joseph Thrasher, brew master
Kyle (NLN), brew master assistant

*Marquesa V. Haite, Army, Major, (O-4)
Phil Cressy and Kevin Reeves, Haite’s junior officer assistants


LOCATIONS:     *Real
*The Corner – 3rd Avenue crossing 23rd Street, NYC
*Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany
*Newark, NJ – motel, parking lot
*PCTF on 20th Street, NYC
*Frank’s NYC apt – 50 Lexington, 7th Flr, 24th Street, nw of 3rd Avenue, NYC
*FDR, Bikeway
*NYU, lab building, corner, 6 stories brick
Italian restaurant, near NYU
Coffee shop, near NYU
*Washington Park – fountain
*Tompkins Square Park – another fountain
*Seattle, WA, nice hotel
*Vancouver, BC, Pacific Central Train Station
Vancouver, motel
*Richmond, BC – Susan’s house
*Saratoga Springs – Hilton and mall
*Central Station, Montreal
Anaventure Hotel, Montreal (Bonaventure)
*Brooklyn, NYC – industrial area
*Statue of Liberty, NYC
*USS Intrepid, NYC
*911 Site, NYC
*Stamford, CT
*Newport, RI
*Jamestown, RI – AirBnB cottage
*London, UK – London University
*Jordan, Zaartari refugee camp
*Khirbet Awaad, Jordan/Syria
*Toronto, Ontario – Solomon House shelter
*Sarnia, Ontario
*Port Huron, MI – Holiday Inn, Black River, brewery, diner, churches
*Lake Huron, St. Clair River, Black River and Canal
*Smith’s Creek, MI
*Jeddo, MI
*Paterson, NJ – beer distributor
*Teterboro Airport, NJ
*Hyatt Hotel, Bethesda, MD
*CIA HQ, Langley, VA
CIA NR, Wall Street, NYC
*FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, DC
*Homeland Security HQ, Anacostia, Washinton, DC
Strauss-Corbin Center at *Columbus Circle, NYC
Restaurant Bar storeroom on fourth floor
*Bay City, MI