Bill MISKELL is the author, screenwriter and near-futurist well known for his rich story lines, live characters, and authenticity, especially in new adult speculative fiction. He applies his expertise and experience from being a Naval Officer in nuclear submarines, an engineer with NASA, a Ph.D. psychologist, and a technologist in general. He writes about the near future, and how society may look, feel, act, and think of itself.

“This reality did not exist, until I started writing about it. And then, it took on a life of its own.” –MISKELL

“You may find yourself described in his pages, Dear Reader, because he draws from his own experience, and borrows yours.”


Some of MISKELL’s work contains instances of profane language, explicit sex, and violence. There are scenes where people swear or have sex, as people sometimes do. There are other scenes where people die, as people sometimes do.

“I am grateful for the power of words to create images in the mind, feelings in the heart, and inspiration in the soul.” –MISKELL