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– – OPENING – –

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab

What the Fuck was that?!

We were standing on the curb. Broad daylight. Sunny and warm. Oppressively warm. I should not have worn that jacket. She was standing beside me, with her left hand around my bent right arm. My phone buzzed, I reached into my jacket pocket, and pulled it out to see who was texting me. While distracted and looking at the phone, I stepped off the curb and walked five or six steps before I realized she had dropped my arm and stayed behind. As I turned to my left to see what she was doing, my sweeping gaze passed the fast-approaching yellow cab, headed directly toward me. I froze, looked back at the cab, now a few feet away, crunched my eyes closed, and braced for the immediate impact I knew was coming at about knee height. Behind my eyelids, I could still see the driver of the cab with his head down – texting? I knew he didn’t see me.

Then, I felt a strong shove, from my right, which pushed me back toward the curb, out of the traffic lane. I stumbled, but did not fall. I opened my eyes, looked at my phone, surprised to see it still in my hand. I looked up for Cheryl. She wasn’t on the curb. I looked at the departing cab, now already across the intersection and a half-block down the street. I doubted whether the driver had looked up at all, had any idea he just missed ruining his day, and mine.

I looked around farther to my left and found Cheryl standing in the middle of the traffic lane, looking at me. She smiled, casually walked back to me, took my arm, looked both ways for traffic, and we crossed the street.

“How…?”, I started to ask. “That cab was a few feet from me, and…”

She shrugged, turned up the corners of her mouth into a small smirk, raised her eyebrows, and did not answer.

And, I don’t usually swear.


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New Adult Romantic Suspense
“Will his insatiable curiosity find love, or cause the ultimate sacrifice?”


This work contains instances of profane language, explicit sex, and violence. There are scenes where people swear or have sex, as people sometimes do. There are other scenes where people die, as people sometimes do.

All characters are adults, age 18 or over.


To Janine, who understood and supported me to pursue this endeavor, even though the goals were fuzzy and distant. Thank you, Janine.
Author’s Acknowledgments

I am grateful for the power of words to create images in the mind, feelings in the heart, and inspiration in the soul.

You may find yourself described herein, because I used my life experiences, and borrowed yours.

Thank you, Janine, for helping with character development, especially for Major Marquesa Haite.

Publisher’s Acknowledgments

Thank you, Tammy Miskell and Janine Cherry, for your detailed editing. Thank you, Paramita Bhattacharjee of CreativeParamita, for the awesome cover design.